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rugger jersey spine appearance

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rugger jersey (US, rugby jersey)


A descriptive term for osteosclerosis which is most marked in the vertebral end plates adjacent to joint spaces, a finding which has been fancifully likened to the classic design of a rugger (rugby in the USA) jersey (top image).

It has been described in secondary hyperparathyroidism–renal osteodystrophy, renal tubular disease–e.g., Fanconi syndrome, renal

rugger jersey spine appearance image from New Medical Terms

film of rugger jersey spine

tubular acidosis, vitamin-D-resistant rickets, chronic glomerulonephritis, diabetes, hypertension and in osteopetrosis type 2–OPTA2, aka autosomal dominant Albers-Schonberg disease, which is characterised by end-plate thickening. 

Synonym Rugby jersey spine appearance 


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