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Manchester Triage System 


A popular patient triage system used to process millions of A&E (accident and emergency) patients/year in the UK, Europe and Australia.

It was devised by A&E nurses and doctors and designed to be logical, simple and reproducible. 

The System sorts patients into 5 degrees of urgency, from immediate (0 wait time) to non-urgent (target, to be seen within 4 hours), initially streaming them into “majors” and “minors”. The System is said to be more reliable than the Emergency Severity Index.

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Manchester Triage System











Manchester Triage System

Group  Urgency          Code       Wait time

1            Immediate      Red          0

2            Very Urgent   Orange   10 minutes

3            Urgent             Yellow     1 hour

4            Standard         Green       2 hours

5           Non-urgent      Blue         4+ hours


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