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rocker bottom foot

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rocker bottom


An uncommon malformation (OMIM:192950) of the foot characterised by vertically oriented talus with a rigid dorsal dislocation of the navicular bone, equinus deformity of the calcaneus, abduction deformity of the forefoot, and contracture of the soft tissues of the hind- and mid-foot. Vertical talus/rocker bottom feet are usually associated with other congenital defects and only rarely is an isolated deformity.  

Molecular pathology Defects of HOXD10, which encodes a  homeobox DNA-binding domain protein expressed in developing

rocker bottom foot image from New Medical Terms

rocker bottom foot

limb buds, cause vertical talus—congenital.

Synonyms Congenital rocker bottom feet, vertical talus—congenital, pes valgus—congenital convex 


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