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white sponge nevus

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WSN in oral cavity


An inherited dermopathy* characterised by variably-sized, painless, whitish plaques which, by light microscopy, display a “basket-weave” epithelium, hyperparakeratosis and acanthosis. White sponge nevus (WSN) occur on nasopharyngeal, oral, oesophageal, laryngeal, vaginal, and anal mucosae.

*Two genetic forms have been described, WSN 1 (OMIM:193900) and WSN 2 (OMIM:615785).

Differential diagnosis Waxing and waning WSNs may simulate other white lesions of the mouth–e.g., leukoedema, leukoplakia, irritation, chewing tobacco dysplasia, lichen planus, Darier’s disease, dyskeratosis congenita.

Molecular pathology Defects of

• KRT4, which encodes a keratin, cause WSN 1 (OMIM:193900).

References, WSN1 http://www.genecards.org/cgi-bin/carddisp.pl?gene=KRT4



• KRT13, which encodes a keratin, cause WSN 2 (OMIM:615785).

References, WSN2 http://www.genecards.org/cgi-bin/carddisp.pl?gene=KRT13



Synonyms Cannon’s nevus, Cannon’s white sponge nevus, congenital leukokeratosis, congenital oral leukokeratosis, familial white folded dysplasia, hereditary leukokeratosis of mucosa, oral epithelial nevus, oral familial white folded dysplasia, white folded gingivostomatosis 

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