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railroad track scar 

railroad track image from New Medical Terms

railroad track


A descriptive term for a scar with obvious cross-hatched stitch marks due to poor repair, excess tension on the skin or a delay in suture removal (which should be ideally removed on

railroad track scar image from New Medical Terms

railroad track scar

the 3rd–5th days–except when the sutures overlie highly mobile sites). Some body regions–e.g., trunk, sternum and proximal extremities are more susceptible to cross-hatching (bottom image). 


A descriptive term for the macroscopic changes seen in the late fibrosing stages of Crohn’s disease in which longitudinal mucosal lesions heal in parallel tracks, perpendicular to the length of the colonic lumen.  

Reference Surgery: Basic Science & Clinical Evidence; JA Norton, et al., Springer, 2008

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