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mud wrestlers rash

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mud wrestling


Pustular folliculitis linked to recreational mud wrestling, in which gram-negative coliform bacteria are cultured from faecally contaminated mud.*

*It’s mud, you kinda expect it to be dirty! 

The “sport” of mud wrestling probably began long before its first appearance in the 1966 “shockumentary” film Mondo Freudo. While it has a confrontational element, mud wrestling is intended to entertain both spectator and participant and is regarded as good clean (oxymoron noted) fun. It is widely accepted that mud wrestling panders to the basic male desire to see attractive women as close to naked as possible, which explains the appeal of wet tee shirt contests. 

Synonyms Dermatitis palaestrae limosa, mud-wrestlers dermatopathy 

References JAMA 1993;269(4):502-504


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