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CASH system


An acronym and scoring system used for the dermoscopic differentiation between benign melanocytic lesions and melanoma

CASH system

• Colours 1 point for each colour seen Light brown, dark brown, black, red, white, blue

• Architecture 0 points for no or mild, 1 point for moderate, 2 points for marked disorder

• Symmetry vs asymmetry 0 points for 2-axis symmetry; 1 point for 1-axis symmetry, 2 points for no symmetry

• Homogeneity vs Heterogeneity 1 point for each pigment network, dots/globules, blotches, regression, streaks, blue-white veil, polymorphous vessels

CASH ≤ 7 Probably benign

CASH > 8 Suspicious of melanoma 



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