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Sicilian gambit

Sicilian Gambit system for classifying antiarrhythmic agents image from New Medical Terms

Sicilian Gambit system for classifying antiarrhythmic agents


A popular term for a multidimensional system for classifying antiarrhythmic drugs based on the heart’s arrhythmogenic mechanisms, which identifies one or more “vulnerable parameters’* associated with a specific arrhythmogenic mechanism. While the Sicilian Gambit is much more complex than the standard Vaughan Williams system of classifying anti arrhythmic agents, it provides a more flexible framework for classifying these agents based on pathophysiological considerations.  
*A vulnerable parameter is an electrophysiological property or event whose modification by drug therapy will result in the termination or suppression of the arrhythmia with minimal undesirable effects on the heart. Unlike the Vaughan Williams classification system, this system can readily accommodate drugs with multiple actions.

Sicilian Gambit image from New Medical Terms

Sicilian Gambit opening in chess

The name was coined by a Euro-American task force of cardiologists who met 1-4.12.1990 in Taormina, Sicily and recognised that reclassifying antiarrhythmic agents based on the science behind them was, like the Sicilian Gambit in chess, an opening with a long term strategy for better managing arrhythmias Thus the term was coined in reference to both place and strategy   

Sicilian Gambit

1  e4 c5

2  Nf3 e6

3  d4 cxd4

4  Nxd4 Nf6

5  Nc3 Nc6

6  Be2 Bb4

7  O-O 

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