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A refinement of CHADS2, a clinical tool used to estimate the risk of stroke in patients with non-rheumatic (non-heart valve-related) atrial fibrillation, a common arrhythmia associated with thromboembolic stroke, and determine whether anticoagulation or antiplatelet therapy is required because the blood stasis in the right and left atria caused by AF, can lead to formation of mural thrombi that can dislodge in the circulation, migrate to the brain, cut off O2 supply, and cause a stroke. 

CHADS2 scoring

C Congestive heart failure or left ventricular systolic dysfunction

H Hypertension: BP consistently above 140/90 mmHg (or treated hypertension)

A  Age ≥75 years

D  Diabetes mellitus

S Prior Stroke or TIA or thromboembolism

V Prior vascular disease—peripheral artery disease, myocardial infarction, aortic plaque

A  Age 65-75 years

S Female gender

Each finding is given a value of 1, except A and S (prior stroke), which are given a value of 2. 


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