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laryngeal mask airway

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laryngeal mask airway


H3 18 pt A breathing/resuscitation device that rests in the hypopharynx and has an inflatable cuff that surrounds the glottic opening; its proximal end is similar to standard endotracheal tubes, and is used to deliver anesthetic gases for spontaneous or controlled ventilation.

H4 14 pt In the UK, the laryngeal mask airway has replaced the endotracheal tube in ± 1⁄2 of surgical patients, especially in ambulatory surgery; in the US, the LMA is used as an adjunct in airway management

H3 18 pt Pros The LMA is considered a major advance in airway management, as it eliminates the need for laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation, and can be used for neonatal resuscitation without intubation

H3 18 pt Cons The LMA does not protect against gastric reflux, and is thus not appropriate for emergency surgery, symptomatic hiatal hernias, peptic ulcer disease, obesity, pregnancy, or those with decreased lung compliance