coronary artery steal

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coronary artery steal

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coronary artery steal


H3 18 pt An effect evoked by isoflurane in which there is vasodilation of coronary arteries in well-perfused myocardial regions that shunts blood away from already ischaemic myocardium.

H4 14 pt This requires a specific anatomical relation between occluded collateral circulation and stenotic vessels providing collateral circulation to the ischaemic myocardium


H3 18 pt A condition characterised by shunting of all relatively well oxygenated blood from a critical area of low perfusion, to an area of higher perfusion; it may be iatrogenic and follow pharmacologic stress imaging using dipyridamole to induce vasoconstriction; this causes a fall in blood flow to the subendocardium distal to the site of the stenosed coronary artery