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Advanced cardiac life support (PALS) – Pediatric Albumin calculator Alteplase (Activase) Calc Argatroban Nomogram, DTIs, other Arterial Oxygen Content -Oxygenation equation ATP-III Adult Treatment Panel Calculator ATP IV -ACC/AHA Latest cholesterol Guidelines ATP-IV 10 year ASCVD risk -Pooled Cohor Body Fluid Volumes CHADS2 Score: Stroke Risk in AFib CHADS2-VASc Score: Stroke Risk in A. Fib. Digoxin Dosing Calc Digoxin- Steady state adjust Framingham 10 Year Risk Calculator
Bleeding Risk

HAS-BLED bleeding risk score HEMORR2HAGES Bleeding Risk Score

Heparin Dosing- Affinity Health System Heparin Dosing Calculator -Detroit VAMC Heparin Dosing Calc -custom options available

ICU Drug Calculator – common therapeutic agents INRs – ELEVATED (warfarin) JNC 8 Guidelines calculator / Tool Mean Arterial Pressure – MAP Pooled Cohort equation -ASCVD risk Phytosterol Calculator – Cholesterol Target heart rate calc TIMI Risk Score ST-Elevation MI (STEMI). TIMI Risk Score for Unstable Angina / NSTEMI.

Warfarin Dosing Calc – Multiple nomograms Warfarin Dose Estimation Calc Warfarin maintenance Dose consult tool Warfarin Inpt Nomogram and Dose Estimation Wells Clinical Prediction Rule  (DVT) Wells Clinical Prediction Rule for (PE)

Drug Tables

ACLS (previous 2010 GUIDELINES)
Aldosterone antagonists
Angiotensin II Blockers
Antihypertensive combinations
Anti-hypertensives (other)
Anti-Platelet Agents
Calcium Channel Blockers
Direct Thrombin Inhibitors
Hypertensive Urgency (oral)
Hypertensive Emergency (IV)
Intermittent claudication
Low Molecular Wt Heparin(LMWH)
Vasopressors / Inotropes

Lipid lowering

Bile acid sequestrants
Statins (HMG-CoA reductase Inhibitors)
PCSK9 inhibitors

Drug Comparisons

Ace-Inhibitors (Comparison)
Angiotensin ii blockers
Beta blockers

Heart Failure (HF)

Stages of Heart Failure

Recommendations for the Initial Clinical Assessment of Patients Presenting With Heart failure

Cardiovascular Medications Useful for Treatment of Various Stages of Heart Failure (HF)

Diuretics Used In Heart Failure

Therapy – Patients at High Risk for Developing Heart failure (Stage A)

Therapy: Patients With Cardiac Structural Abnormalities or Remodeling Who Have Not Developed HF Sx (Stage B)

Therapy: Patients With Current or Prior Symptoms of HF (Stage C)

Therapy: Patients With Refractory End-Stage HF (Stage D)

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