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The Launch

NMT Database on Apple devicesThis is a big day for us at After years of tweaking and fine-tuning, we are proud to present sections of the the 21st century’s first new medical lexicon, the Dictionary of Modern Medicine database (DMMD).

Rather than cover the same ground as that covered by the Dorland’s, Mosby’s, Stedman’s, and Taber’s medical dictionaries, we have focused on areas of biomedical and clinical interest that one doesn’t find in these venerated works (over time, we are extending our reach to include that material…but for the short term the DMMD will focus on important terminology not found in the other works).

With today’s launch, the user will be able to link, and download definitions or entire subdatabases in the following areas:

• British Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

• Genes

Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms



These six subdatabases contain over 38,000 definitions and an additional 75,000 searchable terms (aliases or synonyms). 

As curator, I would note that the Genes subdatabase is a work-in-progress. This first release (v.1) has core information (definitions) on 7,800 genes that I’ve come across in reading. Whilst that may seem like a large number, the human genome has well over 20,000 genes (both DNA and RNA), pseudogenes, and non-coding stretches of nucleic acid. This means that users won’t find every “important” gene. To address that gap  I’m putting the finishing touches on v.2, which will have an additional 4,000 genes (bringing the total to 12,000) and countless corrections and updates.

New Medical Terms combined databaseOn or about 30 June, we are:

(1) Updating the Sexology dictionary to include terminology linked to the Me Too movement, and adding more entries to the Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms 

(2) Adding another subdatabase:

Inherited Diseases and Syndromes. As with the Genes, it will undergo a rapid expansion 

The mid-year update will bring the total number of proper definitions to 45,000 and an additional searchable terms to over 190,000 (235,000 as we do the math), a number somewhat larger than that of the current (32nd) edition of the Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary which has just under 125,000 entries.

With the year-end update, we plan to add more genes and syndromes and new subdatabases

Evidence-based medicine

Forensic medicine

Therapeutic monoclonals and recently approved drugs and devices

Sports medicine

It’s hard to project, 6 months out, where our numbers will be at the end of 2018, but proper definitions should be north of 55,000 and the searchables around 225,000. We believe the DMMD will become your “go to” resource for succinct biomedical definitions.

Feel free to email me with questions on content

Best regards

JC Segen, MD, FCAP

Download DMMD for 

Complete list of entries

They’re for your browsing pleasure; feel free to link, like and share. 

This website ( is the front end of the DMMD. The first product, an iOS/Windows app to be spun off the database was Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms—MA&As, which has over 20,000 entries, making it the largest physician-curated collection of MA&As. Whilst you can download it to your smart device for free, I wouldn’t recommend doing so for the 5 times per year that you’ll need to translate an abbreviation…unless your device has 256 Gb of memory. On the other hand, the reader is encouraged to download any of the beta versions of the subdatabases, in particular, Genes, which I believe you will find particularly useful.